Natural gas and Biomethane

NEOgás is a leader in solutions for the use of natural gas outside the gas pipeline in Latin America, standing out for its commitment to performance and continuous investments in innovative technologies.


Lighter than air, it dissipates quickly and reduces the risk of explosions.


Energy without residues in the combustion chamber.


Continuous supply guaranteed by abundant reserves of natural gas.


Equipment can be easily converted, partially or fully.


In addition to offering liquid fuels, CNG can be offered as another available product.


Supply is continuous and stable and payment is only made after consumption.


About 20 to 23% less CO2 than fuel oil and 40 to 50% less than solid fuels.


Reduces insurance cost by not storing flammable fuel. Reduces operation and maintenance costs.

Why use GNC?

Natural gas is of fossil origin and, after being treated, it can be economically exploited for different purposes. Regardless of its purpose, its use has different advantages, both environmental, economic and logistical.

Environmental advantages

  • Burning is less polluting, emitting less CO2 into the atmosphere and contributing to a cleaner air;
  • It does not emit ash and significantly reduces the emission of particulates;
  • As it is lighter than air, it dissipates quickly in the event of a leak, reducing the risk of explosion;
  • It does not require chemical treatment from a refinery that can harm the environment;
  • It is less flammable than other fuels;
  • It does not require deforestation/reforestation of areas.

Economic advantages

  • High energy efficiency, with competitive cost-benefit compared to other fuels;
  • As a raw material, it guarantees high quality standards, providing greater competitiveness of the final product;
  • The tariff is regulated and you pay only for what you consume.

Logistical advantages

  • Control by telemetry, in real time;
  • Payment only after consumption, there is no inventory charge;
  • No need for weighing, consumption control is done by meters.

Why use Biomethane?

In a scenario of environmental degradation and the search for sustainable alternatives, biomethane appears as a great ally for the generation of clean and renewable energy and diversification of the energy matrix. NEOgás has partnerships with major biomethane producers in Brazil, transporting biomethane to different locations and customers.

Exclusive advantages

Biomethane is produced through a chain that starts with the production of biogas. Biogas is renewable and produced through the decomposition of organic waste by bacteria.

Its purification, removing the high content of carbon and other components, results in biomethane, a gas composed of more than 90% methane, equivalent to natural gas.

Thus, all applications of natural gas can be replaced by biomethane, which has great environmental and economic advantages. NEOgás has partnerships with major biomethane producers in Brazil, transporting biomethane to different locations and customers.

  • Smart solution for the treatment of organic waste, promoting sustainable practices and development of the local economy;
  • It is renewable and reduces the emission of polluting gases generated mainly by fossil fuels;
  • It has competitive cost-benefit;
  • It is a substitute for diesel to fuel heavy vehicles and tractors on rural properties.


Our solutions

NEOgás supplies natural gas to different segments, such as the vehicular and industrial market, in addition to developing projects with specific demands, according to the customer's needs.

segments served industrial

For industries in the most diverse segments, such as: ceramics, steel, pulp and paper, textile, mechanical metal, food and beverages, among others.


segments served vehicular

With continuous supply, our solutions allow us to supply vehicular natural gas (CNG) to gas stations without access to the pipeline.


SPECIAL projects

Customized projects to create solutions for customers with specific characteristics and demands.


microgrid projects

Supply of natural gas to municipalities and remote regions, which are not served by the gas pipeline infrastructure.

NEOgás removed
    tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in 2022

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