The operation with natural gas involves processes with considerable risk, which must be treated with the utmost responsibility and technique. To reach the level of excellence, NEOgás invests in protecting the integrity of its employees, as well as its partners, customers and community, ensuring maximum safety in all its activities.

We operate in a systematic way, with clear and simple instructions, easy to understand and learn. We are committed to anticipating risks and mitigating them, minimizing impacts on the environment and the health of the people involved in any of the units we operate.

Our teams are motivated to practice safety and care for health and the environment. Through periodic campaigns, training, recognition and the involvement of family members, we raise everyone's awareness and the result is an event rate that is among the lowest in its segment, globally.

More than complying with laws, NEOgás exceeds technical specifications, ensuring the best working conditions and a safe environment. Our goal will always be Zero Accidents and we have been fully successful in this challenge.

Annual safety campaigns

The company annually carries out integrated safety campaigns, with the objective of making all employees aware of safety measures, risk management and correct use of PPE.

Certification of trailers

NEOgás has strict control over the vehicles that transport compressed natural gas. Through specific checklists, we guarantee that our vehicles are with the necessary safety and required by regulatory bodies to operate continuously and safely.

NEOgás removed
    tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in 2022

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