The environment has never been so widely discussed, considering the great negative impacts due to the massive emission of gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect. There are many environmental, social and economic damages that the increase in global temperature causes.

Among the main factors causing global warming is the burning of fossil fuels such as diesel, gasoline and coal for energy generation.

In this way, natural gas represents a better alternative to reduce the use of these fuels.

NEOgás removed
    tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in 2022


    Seeking to protect the environment and reduce the risks of the greenhouse effect, companies must think of more sustainable solutions for their activity. By delivering natural gas, NEOgás plays a key role in the transition to a cleaner energy matrix.

    Low environmental impact

    Despite being a fossil fuel, the use of natural gas to replace other fuels can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, given that the combustion of natural gas emits less polluting gases into the atmosphere than other fuels.

    In stationary combustion, natural gas emits:

    less CO2 than GLP
    less CO2 than fuel oil
    less CO2 than diesel oil
    less CO2 than coal

    In addition to promoting cleaner combustion, its low environmental impact is also a result of its efficiency, that is, it takes a smaller amount of natural gas to burn to obtain the same energy levels as other fossil fuels.

    NEOgás is 100% renewable energy

    All of NEOgás' own compression bases migrated to the free energy market. NEOgás, once again affirming its commitment to sustainability, signed a contract to ensure that this electricity is generated only from renewable sources.

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