Discover all the services that NEOgás offers to its customers:

24/7 Control and Monitoring

NEOgás has a 24/7 operations room, which has highly qualified professionals and its own systems to guarantee uninterrupted supply to customers in the most diverse sectors throughout the national territory.

Our structure also has a camera monitoring system, through which the security area monitors all stages of the operation.


NEOgás customers have their projects assisted by integrated systems, which use innovative technology to guarantee an efficient and safe operation.

Our systems allow, in real time, control of supplies, fleet monitoring, as well as equipment information for quick action in case of technical demands.

Discover our systems

24-hour technical assistance

NEOgás' technical team has experience in the implementation, commissioning and operation of CNG projects. The company has a 24/7 team to service and deliver gas uninterruptedly, with reliability and safety, throughout the national territory.

Reliability, security and customer satisfaction are key factors for NEOgás. Because of this, the company has exclusive tools for monitoring maintenance. Our technicians have access to applications to manage and monitor maintenance, being prepared to act immediately to correct any failures.

Through these tools, it is possible to generate preventive and corrective work orders, in order to avoid a system downtime. The systems perform constant monitoring of each customer's products and services and make services safer and more accurate.

NEOgás removed
    tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in 2022

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