About us

NEOgás was created seeking to develop solutions and technologies for the delivery of compressed natural gas to places without access to the gas pipeline infrastructure.

Its business model consists of distributing natural gas from gas compression stations located in areas with a pipeline network. In these places, the gas is compressed, loaded and delivered to its final customers, which can be industries, gas stations or other distribution facilities.

The company started its operations in the southern region of Brazil, extending its activity to other regions of the country. Subsequently, it began to serve the Latin American and United States market.

Today, NEOgás is a leader in Latin America in solutions for the use of natural gas outside the pipeline infrastructure, standing out for meeting local requirements, commitment to performance and continuous investments in innovative technologies.

In addition to offering solutions for the delivery of compressed natural gas, NEOgás has also developed and patented equipment that supports the operations, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety in gas supply for industries, cities or for light and heavy duty vehicles.

With a factory located in Caxias do Sul-RS, the Company maintains commercial offices in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), in addition to compression and decompression bases in strategic regions.

More than 20 years of experience


Authorized by the regulatory agency to distribute compressed natural gas.


In Latin America in compressed natural gas.


Project development history in Brazil, United States, Mexico, Colombia and others.


Commitment to quality and safe practices to preserve people's health and the environment.

NEOSAT 4.0 24H

Monitoring and telemetry system that tracks all stages of natural gas supply in real time.


Own technology, commitment to efficiency and continuous investments in innovation.


Neogás has been operating for more than two decades providing products and services that enable the delivery of natural gas without a pipeline.

Certifications, Awards and Patents

  • First company in Brazil to receive authorization from the ANP (Agência Nacional do Petróleo - regulatory agency) to operate as a distributor of compressed natural gas.
  • First company to meet the new requirements of resolution 41, which regulates this activity in Brazil.
  • The equipment meets the requirements of standards: ISO, DOT, ABNT and INMETRO.
  • Patent of Invention: click here to access the document
NEOgás removed
    tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in 2022

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