tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere in 2022. That is kg per second

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    For industries that serve a wide variety of sectors, such as ceramic, steel, pulp and paper, textile, food, pharmaceutical, metal-mechanic, among others.


    For fueling stations outside the pipeline, NEOgás has the best solution to get automotive natural gas to come to you.


    For clients such as Shopping Malls, Hospitals and Hotels, Bakeries, etc. Uses: ambient air-conditioning, sterilization of objects, clothes drying, etc.


    Natural gas comes to your condominium or large residential building through NEOgás continuously, with more cost savings and safety.

    1st ISO 9001 certified
    Compressed Natural Gas
    company in the world.
    Leader and Pioneer in
    Compressed Natural Gas
    in Latin America.


    NEOsat: 24-hour monitoring

    Guarantee of clean and always-available energy.

    NEOgás control room monitors the supply and delivery logistics, as well as the perfect functioning of equipment at customer site, 24 hours a day.

    Technology: Specialized team so your company has uninterrupted natural gas supply 24/7.

    Integrated solutions

    Much more than power supply: energy intelligence.

    In response to the growing demand for natural gas, NEOgás developed equipment for natural gas transportation and delivery.

    From design to logistics and 24-hour monitoring for natural gas supply.

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    44.113 tons of CO2 is the quantity that NEOgás will take out from the atmosphere in 2022.