NEOgás customers have their projects assisted by integrated systems, which use innovative technology to guarantee an efficient and safe operation. Our systems allow, in real time, control of supplies, fleet monitoring, as well as equipment information for quick action in case of technical demands.


Telemetry system for remote control of all equipment in the field.


System to control all logistical operations and records of supply data for semi-trailers.


System for monitoring preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment.

NEOsat 4.0

With NEOsat 4.0, you have a modern monitoring and telemetry system that tracks in real time all stages of natural gas supply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • NEOsat 4.0 allows remote and real-time control of all supply stages, integrating information from logistics, technical assistance, equipment and compression bases.
  • The NEOsat system ensures the uninterrupted supply of natural gas and equipment maintenance for your peace of mind and safety.
  • The customer does not need to control his natural gas stock. Consumption levels, supply needs and equipment performance are controlled by NEOsat system technicians.
  • The stationary RCU and HPU units are interconnected to the NEOsat system. If any problem occurs, remote maintenance is initiated or an automatic call is made to resolve the problem immediately.
  • The system runs through a control room that works 24/7, also offering historical and statistical data that support management activities to better serve you.
NEOgás removed
    tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in 2022

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