tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere in 2021. That is kg per second


    Knowledge, teamwork, commitment and adoption of safe practices to protect human health and the environment.


    NEOgás adopted Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment as strategic policy. The Company favors knowledge, teamwork, commitment, and the adoption of safe practices in order to protect people's health and the environment, always complying with the basic principles of good social and contract relationships.

    The Company's Mission

    Delivering reliable, safe and cost-efficient natural gas solutions to off-pipeline customers, using the best technology available, with a qualified staff committed to environmental sustainability.

    The Company's Vision

    Being a leading company in providing natural gas services in off-pipeline areas in Latin America, as well as a world leader in this technology, satisfying a wide range of customer needs.

    Contact Telephone Numbers

    Brazil: 0800.054.5600
    Colombia: 01.8000.187881
    Mexico: 01.800.849.63.68
    Peru: 0800.71.980