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    Policy on Road Safety

    NEOgás has established a road safety policy, with the purpose of preventing accidents and protecting the integrity and health of its employees while operating service vehicles, in the exercise of their duties.

    In order to ensure compliance with its policy by its entire staff, and equally by companies contracted to provide transportation services, NEOgás adopt the following guidelines:

    • NEOgás provides conditions for all its vehicles to be conducted safely, using the concepts of defensive driving, and abiding by instructions given by the Brazilian Traffic Code (CONTRAN).
    • NEOgás employees with permission to drive company vehicles have an active, valid and appropriate driver's license, and are instructed to strictly follow traffic rules.
    • NEOgás keeps watch over its contractors, making them responsible for corrective and preventive maintenance of its vehicles, and the specific qualification of their conductors. Such requirement is in the agreement signed between the parties, and is subject to systematic supervision by related sectors.
    • NEOgás encourages the development of traffic awareness campaigns among the employees and contractors, for the prevention and mitigation of road accidents.
    • NEOgás adopts this posture while aware that it complies with its Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment corporate policy, and that its conditions support the formation of a more positive and healthy attitude.

    This policy will be displayed in all NEOgás units.