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    Policy on Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohol in the Workplace

    NEOgás has established a policy on smoking, alcohol, and drugs, with the purpose of protect, improve and sustain the health and well-being of its employees, ensuring conditions that enable a proper performance of their duties.

    NEOgás is aware that tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use produces adverse health and safety effects, interfering with work productivity and efficiency, and impairing both the individual's and the company's performance.

    Consequently, NEOgás adopts the following guidelines, issued to its employees, in order to ensure compliance with this policy:

    • It is strictly forbidden to smoke within the premises of NEOgás or its customers, as well as in company service or freight vehicles.
    • Use, possession, distribution, and sale of illicit drugs within the premises of NEOgás or customers and suppliers, during working hours, are absolutely prohibited.
    • Likewise, it is forbidden consuming, possessing, distributing, and selling alcoholic beverages within the premises of NEOgás and its customers and suppliers, during working hours.
    • The coverage of the aforementioned prohibitions are extended to operations inside all NEOgás service or freight vehicles, owned or hired by the company from a third party.
    • It is also prohibited for employees to report to work under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
    • NEOgás reserves the right to conduct alcohol and/or drug testing, or hire a third-party administrator to conduct the tests in situations when an employee, hired directly or via a third party, is involved in an accident and/or exhibits suspicious or questionable behavior.
    • Evidence of use, transportation, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages or drugs on the part of a NEOgás employee will be liable to appropriate disciplinary action. Should such action be carried out by a professional hired by a third party, he or she will be relieved from work, no longer providing services to NEOgás.

    NEOgás adopts this posture while aware that it complies with its Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment corporate policy, and that its conditions support the formation of a more positive and healthy attitude.

    This policy will be displayed in all NEOgás units.