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    Industrial Semitrailer.

    Industrial Semitrailer (IST)

    NEOgás CNG is stored in a set of cylinders with internationally certified technology, called Industrial Semitrailer (IST), fit to customer requirements.

    The high pressure cylinders are made from seamless steel tubes, via SPUN process (hot spinning). They undergo rigorous testing, destructive and non-destructive, in a specialized laboratory, in accordance with international standards and requirements. 

    All the stages of a CNG project logistics are thoroughly planned by the NEOgás technical staff, pursuing the best logistics solution and competitiveness.

    The IST is transported by trucks to the points of consumption, where the cylinder set is connected to a Pressure Reduction and Control Unit (RCU), which transfers the contents for final use. 

    Industrial Semitrailer Models - IST

    Weight Load 
    Total Weight*
    SRI 92 3680 8002x2446x3600 2760 16770 23330
    SRI 154 6080 10266x2446x3600 4620 26300 35900
    XP 30 8750 9200x2438x4343 6390 16000 27090
    XP 40 11835 12116x2438x4346 8640 17200 31440
    XP 45 13400 13716x2438x4343 9782 24000 40282

    * Não considera o peso do cavalo motor

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