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    The ideal solution for special cases.


    NEOsystem is the ideal solution for natural gas supply special needs.


    • Off-pipeline companies
      Off-pipeline companies medium or low consumptions may have a RCU – Pressure Reduction and Control Unit and a Stock Unit.
    • Temporary supply disruption
      Companies connected to the pipeline that, for some reason, are facing conditions of temporary supply disruption can rely on NEOsystem as temporary power supply backup.
    • Miscellaneous Events
      For events such as trade fairs, concerts, utility works, and others with high demand of power but without power infrastructure, NEOsystem guarantees fuel supply for gas generators.
    • Fuel Stations and Manufacturing Plants
      For fuel stations and manufacturing plants with problems in the HPU or RCU units, NEOsystem guarantees natural gas supply. 

    NEOsystem technical configuration

    NEOsystem is a complete system to handle special cases, composed by a tractor truck and cylinders interconnected to a HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit).

    • Transport capacity of 3,200m³ of natural gas.
    • Equipment with a flow rate of 1,400m³/hour.
    • It features a telemetry system monitored by NEOsat that allows remote access.
    • It requires only a driver/operator for full operation.
    • It has an intelligent supply system that, in conjunction with the HPU equipment, automatically controls its operations.
    • Available with diesel engine, but it can be equipped with natural gas propulsion engine.

    The natural gas storage is divided into pallets, in a total of 80 cylinders arranged vertically. Pipes and valves allow the gas to flow at an ideal pressure level for full and safe fueling.

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