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    Hydraulic Unit for Constant Flow and Pressure Maintenance


    In order to cater to the NGV segment, NEOgás developed and patented equipment called HPU – Hydraulic Unit for Constant Flow and Pressure Maintenance, which ensures maximum pressure authorized in the vehicle's cylinder.

    The differential is that there is no recompression in this system, which translates to a greatly reduced energy cost um at the remote station, as well as lower gas temperatures during refueling, allowing increased autonomy for NGVs.

    • Exclusive system developed by NEOgás that, using a hydraulic fluid, is capable of unloading of up to 97% of the gas stored in the semi-truck.

    • Eliminates the need for recompression and cascade storage system at the delivery site, resulting in lower energy cost.

    • Transfers the colder gas to the vehicle cylinder, since it does not require recompression.

    • Higher perceived value by the final consumer, delivering gas at a constant flow and pressure of 220 bar until the end of the trailer.

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