tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere in 2021. That is kg per second

    NEOgás Profile

    Natural Gas without pipeline anywhere.

    Certifications, Awards, and Patents

    • The first company in Brazil to be granted authorization from ANP (Brazil's National Petroleum Agency) to engage in compressed natural gas distribution activities.
    • The first company to comply with the new requirements of resolution 41, which regulates this activity in Brazil.
    • Compliance with the requirements of the following standards: ISO, DOT, ABNT, and Inmetro.
    • Patent application numbers: P1565BR00; P1565AR00; P1565EC00; P1565PE00; P1565VE00; P2077CO00; P1564BR00; P1564AR00; P1564EC00; P1564PE00; P1564VE00; P1564CO00.
    • Description of the patents that we are applying to: "Tractor unit rigged with hydraulic pressurization equipment" and "Hydraulic pressurization equipment and system, semitrailer, and vertical and horizontal cylinder adaptation for use with the semitrailer for CNG transportation ".

    ISO 9001 NEOgás Certification


    1stcompany in Brazil

    authorized by ANP, as well as local authorities in Peru, Mexico, and Colombia, to engage in distribution of compressed natural gas (CNG).