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    NEOgás supplies your station, and everyone benefits from automotive natural gas.


    Besides having recognized environmental benefits, automotive natural gas has the best performance among fuels, increasing efficiency and profitability for your station.

    By choosing NEOgás natural gas for your filling station, you are not only offering a cleaner, safer and more cost-efficient fuel, but you also have another product in your station, increasing revenues and improving the profitability of your business. NEOgás supplies natural gas to the largest service station chains, including "white flag" (independent) stations.

    In order to cater to the automotive natural gas market, NEOgás developed and patented an equipment called Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU), for transferring natural gas with high pressure and constant flow, ensuring maximum pressure authorized in the vehicle's cylinder. In this system, there is no recompression, which translates to a greatly reduced energy cost um at the remote station, as well as lower gas temperatures during refueling, allowing increased autonomy for NGVs.

    NEOgás guarantees CNG delivery and reliability, via NEOsat 24-hour monitoring and telemetry system. The control room staff oversees all the stages of the process, from the fuelling at the compression station, transportation, customer stock, and full control of the operation of the Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU).

    Advantages in using natural gas in your car:

    • Cost savings up to 50%.

    • Greater fuel autonomy.

    • Reduction of vehicular maintenance costs.

    • Proven security.

    • Less air pollution emission.

    • Tamper resistant.


    in the use of natural gas in Brazil compared to 2009, especially for the southeast area, which consumes about 38 million cubic meters per day.