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    NEOgás technology brings cost saving and comfort to your home.


    Natural gas comes to your condominium or large residential building through NEOgás continuously, with greater cost efficiency, more safety e sustainability, adding more value to your enterprise.

    Natural gas conversions and adaptation in the residential segment have been steadily increasing. It can be used in water heaters, ambient air-conditioning, cooking, swimming pools, saunas, barbecues and many others. 

    Moreover, natural gas (CNG) can replace liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with significant benefits:

    • Continuous supply, without disruption;

    • More free space in the condominium, since there is no need for storing gas bottles, cylinders or stationary tanks.

    • Efficient and cost-effective clean-burning fuel that provides excellent cost-benefit. It can reduce LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) costs up to 40%, and electricity use by 35%;

    • Greater control over expenses: pay exactly the volume consumed, always after consumption.

    NEOgás service options for residential customers:

    - Attending a group of residences that must be connected to a local pipeline, that is, a pipeline constructed by the state concessionaire within a neighborhood or city. In that case, natural gas is compressed, transported, and decompressed by NEOgás directly in the secondary network (local pipeline) of the gas state concessionaire.

    - SPOT service: when the gas state concessionaire needs NEOgás to anticipate the supply of natural gas while finishing the construction of the pipeline that will serve the residential customers in a specific city or area.

    Contact NEOgás. Our technicians will guide you with information about whether the property is located in an area that can be connected to the pipeline, the project, the investment needed for installation, and the benefits offered. 


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