tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere in 2021. That is kg per second

    Market and Activities

    For industries in various segments such as: ceramic, steel, pulp and paper, textile, metal-mechanic, food and beverages, among others.


    CNG is ecologically friendly and can replace many types of fuel used by manufacturers, with a clean, uniform burning, contributing to improved productivity and competitiveness.

    The industrial use of natural gas has been increasing and diversifying every day. NEOgás has a highly efficient structure to serve your off-pipeline industry. It offers transportation, counseling, monitoring, and controlling of natural gas discharge. To this end, it developed and patented the Pressure Reduction and Control Unit (RCU), which adjusts pressure and temperature to customer needs, during the discharge.

    Some Applications

    Natural gas can replace several types of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels, and even electricity used for thermal purposes (electrothermy).

    It is widely used in the industrial sector:

    • As raw material (petrochemical, fertilizer, automotive, ceramic, textile, glass, food and drink, pulp and paper, etc.);
    • As steel reducer (steel);
    • As fuel (heat generation);
    • In cogeneration (simultaneous generation of electric and thermal energy, and vapor, from the same fuel – natural gas).

    Benefits and advantages:

    Using natural gas in your industry presents many advantages, including as compared to other fuels:

    • Regular burning with low particle emission;
    • Adaptation requires low investment;
    • Low maintenance, handling, and other operational costs;
    • More cost-effective, since the manufacturing process does not require stock and investment reduction in emission control and particulate treatment system.

    In addition to these advantages for your industry, NEOgás guarantees supply and control 24/7, all year round, through real-time monitoring using the unique NEOsat system, supervising from the fuelling at the compression station to the process of transportation and delivery to your consumption point.

    An efficient and competitive industry uses natural gas. Enter a new era: contact NEOgás and ensure delivery reliability, service quality, and proven technical and commercial skills.

    15%in 2015

    2015 is the representativeness that natural gas must achieve as energy source, according to the Brazilian Government's aim. (Source: Ministry of Mines and Energy).