tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere in 2021. That is kg per second

    Market and Activities

    Cost saving, safety, and modernization to your business.


    Wide array of uses, safety, cost efficiency, and respect for the environment are some of the advantages that only natural gas can offer to your business.

    NEOgás offers CNG solutions for Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Bakeries, Supermarkets, and other commercial ventures, with full technical, environmental, and economic feasibility.

    Some applications:

    • Cooking;
    • Water heating;
    • Ambient air-conditioning;
    • Clothes drying;
    • Sterilization of objects;
    • Refrigeration systems.

    Aside from these uses, natural gas can be used in your business fleet, ensuring significant fuel cost reduction.

    Request NEOgás technical and commercial guidance with regard to project, execution, and installation of equipment, as well as general conditions.