tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere in 2021. That is kg per second

    Natural Gas Clean Energy

    Natural gas, the fuel of the future.

    Why using NEOgás CNG?

    • Provides higher burning efficiency;
    • Higher combustion regularity;
    • Reduces particulate emissions;
    • Lower fuel toxicity;
    • Saves heating vapor or electricity - no need for atomization;
    • Easy adaptation to the premises in use, and, in the case of LPG, allows the use of the existing network itself;
    • Ensures lower maintenance, fuel handling, and other operational costs;
    • Extends the life of equipment;
    • Simplifies control, since there is no concern on part of the customer to order stock replacement – NEOgás performs stock control for you;
    • Reduces corrosion and does not cause fouling in the equipment;
    • Requires minor adjustments to burners and processes served by natural gas;
    • Low investment on behalf of the customer;
    • Offers economic and financial gains, since it does not require stock and payment is made only after consumption;
    • Reduces problems of pollution and environmental control, avoiding expenses for anti-pollution systems and wastewater treatment;
    • Ease of CNG-LPG interchangeability as an emergency action; Full compliance with all engineering and safety standards;
    • Offers increased safety: being lighter than air, in case of leakage, the gas dissipates quickly into the atmosphere, reducing the risk of explosions and fires. Furthermore, in order to natural gas to ignite, it has to be submitted to a temperature higher than 620ºC (alcohol ignites at 200ºC and gasoline at 300ºC);
    • Redundant safety and security systems in the pressure decompression and regulation unit;
    • Uninterrupted supply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
    • Anticipates the use of natural gas and creates demand for construction of pipelines.
    more than18,3%

    of all the electricity produced in the world is from natural gas.