tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere in 2021. That is kg per second

    Natural Gas Clean Energy

    Natural gas, the fuel of the future.

    Cleaner, safer, more efficient energy

    • Naturally clean energy - Large amount of energy without leaving residue in the combustion chamber.
    • Safety - Lighter than air, dissipates quickly and reduces occurrences of explosions.
    • Uninterrupted supply - Reserves with capacity for many years guarantees continuous supply.
    • Convenience and easy adjustment - Does not require stocking at the point of consumption and it can be easily installed and adjusted.
    • Room saving - No need for storage tanks, which allows space saving.
    • Full utilization - Continuous and stable supply, paid only after you consumed it.
    lessCO2 in the atmosphere

    produces less CO2 per unit of generated power (about 20 to 23% less than fuel oil, and 40 to 50% less than solid fuels such as coal).